Pet Care Services

We look after clients pets either in their home while they are away or home boarding at yours or a host families home. From a small pet to a small holding we offer a variety of services based around all pet owners needs designed to make their pet’s lives more comfortable while they are away.

If the owner is at work all day or just too busy, we can offer guaranteed visits to homes to ensure that feeding takes place when needed, dogs are walked and other animals are catered for.

We can react to emergency situations 365 days a year to assist all owners that require our services providing Pet Taxi/Animal Ambulance that will collect the pets from home and transport them not only to the vets, dog parlour but also long-distance transport, which is covered by your DEFRA licence.

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Owner: Charlotte O’Connor
Branch: Animals at Home (Bristol West) Ltd


Dog Walking

Cat & Pet Feeding

Home Boarding

Animal Ambulance / Pet Taxi

Pet Cremations

House Sitting