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Thank you for your interest in Animals at Home. Here you have a short introduction to the business and why our Franchisee’s are so successful.

Animals at Home first ran profitably as a pilot operation on the Isle of Wight in 2003, and has been opening Franchises throughout the UK since 2005. The company is run by an experienced Management Team with the knowledge and understanding of the Industry and it's regulations.

Animals at Home is 20 years old and we currently have a network throughout the whole of the UK, covering approximately 5 million of the UK's households. Our full service provides all elements of domestic pet care including equine, hobby farms and a unique Animal Ambulance alongside our portfolio of pet care services.

Our business is built on repeat business and our typical customer retention is over 95%, with our mature franchises turnover in excess of £5,650 per month*. We will help you build your business to suit your personal lifestyle and requirements.

We also provide for the first 6 months full support through our Mentoring Scheme. We also have people in accounts, administration and website management. So you can see we take our support responsibility very seriously.

Our aim is to provide people with the opportunity to have their own business, giving them the opportunity to earn a living while working with animals and being in charge of their own destiny.

There are many reasons why new start up businesses that are franchises have a greater chance of success than going it alone, you get the opportunity to build your own business whilst having the template of a successful thriving brand in the Pet Care Service Industry.

Over 2/3rds of customers prefer to deal with a Franchised operation rather than either a single business or a national company. With a Franchise, customers feel they get the personal service of dealing with the owner, and the comfort of a “National Brand”.

Pet ownership continues to be stable, with 58% of UK households** owning some sort of domestic pet. Cats and dogs continue to be the most popular pets by a considerable margin. Household expenditure on pets increased, albeit marginally, once again in 2018. This followed a more significant increase in 2017, much of which was due to increased spending on veterinary or other Pet Care Services. The market for pet care has grown steadily, helped by growth in the number of pets in the UK and the trend for owners to treat their pets as part of the family. The market is predicted to grow by 15% during 2019 - 2024.

* Please note this is existing Franchisee turnover from November 2022.

** Statista Research Department

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